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Federal facilities are required by Presidential Order 13514 to reduce employee travel and commuting greenhouse gas emissions by 13% by 2020. To meet this goal, employees need to work together to change our collective commuting habits.

Argonne and Fermilab are partnering efforts — employees from both labs are encouraged to enter their “green” commutes into GreenRide Connect so the labs can receive credit for the positive efforts their employees are making. Enter your bike, bus, walk, train, car- and vanpool commute into the GreenRide calendar. You can even earn your lab credit for entering telework and vacation days.

GreenRide Connect enables you to track cost savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions, and the site offers a carpool and bike-group connection feature, if you’re interested in travelling to work with others.

Eligible Argonne employees are now able to adopt an alternate work schedule. This employee benefit will enable you to reduce your commuting emissions, spend fewer days at work and enhance your work-life balance. Learn more about Argonne’s Sustainability Program here.

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